About The Owner; Katie Poisson

My name is Katie Poisson and I launched Ain Beauty on August, 31, 2019. I've been interested in makeup ever since I discovered my mother's makeup bag when I was 5 years old, since then I've been fixed on creating looks. My makeup skills are not where I want them to be, but they aren't where they used to be. That in itself is a massive accomplishment. I am a married mom who also works a full-time job on top of running Ain Beauty. My family and I live in Ontario, Canada, and have been here our whole lives. I love makeup, fashion, travel, and interior design. I aspire to create not only a brand that people know and trust, but a community that embodies the same traits.

I wanted to create a brand where anyone who is interested in makeup could have a safe place to create and learn. A place where luxury items were available to them to aid in their creations, all without the luxury price tag.

I didn't grow up with a lot of money, but I always had a taste for the more expensive, luxury things in the beauty world. Makeup can be really expensive, and I've always had a frugal drive to find the best deal. To find the best quality, but at a price I could afford. Thus, Ain Beauty was born. Ain Beauty offers luxury lashes at prices that are affordable. Our lashes are reusable for up to 30 uses with proper lash care. I'm proud of my product, and stand behind it as I use my lashes in every makeup look that I create  They really are the cherry on top of any look. They give me a boost of confidence and add that extra layer of WOW to whatever I've created. Every time I see a look created with my lashes it inspires me to keep creating. To keep sharpening my own creative skills. It makes me proud to know that slowly, I'm creating an environment where other creators feel the same way that I do.